Bill Kapeles


About Bill

I am a semi-professional furniture maker and restorer. I am trying desperately to create a second career (I'm a database engineer/web wonk) and get some financial benefit from my true passion, building and restoring furniture. Twenty years ago I owned and operated a small furniture company, but closed it down in pursuit of big money. The lessons we have to learn... I am absolutely dedicated to making furniture using traditional hand tools and techniques. (As I get older, however, I may have to resort to using a planer or other machines to help with the physically demanding nature of stock preparation. None of us are getting any younger!) I prefer period furniture covering the Federal, Chippendale, and Sheraton styles, but I'll make/admire/discuss/fix just about anything. Of particular interest to me is veneering, marquetry, and inlay. My blog is located at and my business site will be up and running as soon as I can get it ready. Please drop me a line - I love helping other people learn the craft and every single person has something to teach me, too.
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