About Flatboarder1

I started working with wood late in life after an accident left me disabled. While in the hospital somebody and to this day I still don't know who dropped of a woodworking Magazine so I would have some reading material and a new woodworker was born. After four years of reading dozens of magazines and books on the subject I was finally able to actually but a few tools and build my first project. My sister had one of those canvas tent like structures in her back yard and the Weather had destroyed the canvas cover so I asked if I could have the wood from the frame. So I glued up the strips of cedar and built my first project which was a small end table . The plans had come from one of the Magazines I had read , so there is where this adventure all began. Eight years have passed since that day and I have never been so passionate about something in my life. Two years ago I switched from Machines to hand tools. With the help of so many woodworkers and tool makers I'm finally starting to see a little bit of progress. Finally!!