In the above video I share another one of my absolute favorite books about traditional woodworking: “The New Traditional Woodworker: From Tool Set to Skill Set to Mind Set” by Jim Tolpin.


I’ll be honest. I usually judge a book by it’s cover. The cover photography originally sold me on this book…hey, I’m a former pro photographer snob. But fortunately the inside of the book was also amazing, and filled with useful tutorials on using traditional hand tools to build furniture.


Jim Tolpin does a great job in not assuming that the reader has fundamental knowledge of woodworking, and approaches hand tool use as if the reader is unaware. But the text is far from elementary, and also appeals to more seasoned woodworkers. Hey, look at my blue place markers…I come back to this book often, as a reference.


Perhaps what I love most about “The New Traditional Woodworker” is that Jim Tolpin teaches how to use traditional hand tools by making projects that you will actually use in your traditional woodworking workshop: try square, straight edge, shooting board, gauges, etc… He begins by teaching the reader simpler projects, to illustrate basic skills, and advances to more elevated woodworking projects. Each project builds upon the skill of the previous project.


This book should be on the shelf of every woodworker…not just the traditionalists!

You can purchase The New Traditional Woodworker here: