I’m excited to announce the release of my newest DVD: “Building the Hancock Shaker Candle Stand with Will Myers“. You can watch the above video preview, and you can buy it here! The first 100 buyers will receive this autographed photo of Will to hang in your workshop, so don’t delay!

Here’s the rear cover so you can see more details about the content-rich video:

Now for a little history about this DVD: Will had fallen in love with this famous cherry table, so he made several attempts to recreate it from referring to photographs. But Will is a perfectionist, so he noticed that it just didn’t look right…especially the legs. And neither did the myriad other attempts from other furniture makers who tried to recreate this famous table. So Will and I flew up to Massachusetts and measured & filmed the original at the Hancock Shaker Village (see my original tours of the Hancock Shaker Village here).

Will measured and templated the cherry candle stand, carefully tracing the vital leg curves and spindle:

Here is a photo of the original candle stand; so elegant and utilitarian:

In addition to measuring and filming the candle stand, we measured & filmed the famous and charming Isaac Youngs wall clock, which Will and I will release a DVD of in the upcoming year:

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The most fun we had was oohing and awing at the lovely shaker furniture and hanging out with the staff and volunteers at the Hancock Shaker Village:

Then Will spent several months making more versions of the candle stand, with the correct measurements. The candle stand finally looked perfect…especially the legs:

We know that you’ll enjoy this DVD because it walks you through the build process, step-by-step, teaching valuable hand tool & lathe skills along the way!

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