David Ray Pine’s Woodworking Workshop Tour

//David Ray Pine’s Woodworking Workshop Tour

In this video I share a recent tour that I took of David Ray Pine’s furniture making workshop in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. David is a renowned furniture reproductionist & restorationist, and has been featured several times in Finewoodworking Magazine, among many other publications.


When I recently visited my friend George Lott at the Frontier Culture Museum (click here to see my videos of George’s furniture & shop) he mentioned that he’d like to take me to visit the nearby workshop of his friend, David Ray Pine. My first thought was, “what a fantastic name for a furniture maker!”


David’s Civil War era home and workshop sit in a beautiful setting near a scenic river and woodland in the Shenandoah Valley. David warmly welcomed George and I, then gave George leave to go on his archaeology excursion out in David’s field. I was wondering what George could really find out there, but 30 minutes later George returned with a small collection of pottery. David then showed me arrowheads, pottery sherds, and other relics left by early settlers on his land.


What I loved about David’s workshop (as you’ll see in the video) is the simplicity. He builds & restores his gorgeous furniture using tools that were all built before I was born. It goes to show how you don’t need the latest & greatest technology, just basic tools and skill. Below you’ll see some of his lovely work (click here to see more of his furniture on his website):








Here is a lovely Moravian footstool. This design came from the Old Salem settlement in North Carolina:






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Trish White

That’s really cool to see what you do…Trish.

Walt Simpson

Sir I admire you and your work ethic very much!


Matt Jones

Thanks for the shop tour of an amazing craftsman and inspiration. If I am lucky enough to win something (if I don’t win the clamps) I would prefer the bowsaw video, a T-shirt of your logo in brown medium size, or a coffee mug. Thanks for the educational content and hard work, I have learned a lot from the information you have provided over the years.


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