Feed Me the Best Traditional Woodworking Blogs!

//Feed Me the Best Traditional Woodworking Blogs!

I personally love to read almost anything about traditional woodworking with hand tools. But I don’t like having to check all my favorite blogs each day. So I created a neeto feed tool on Wood and Shop to enable my readers to check out my other favorite traditional woodworking blogs. Here’s the link: https://woodandshop.com/traditional-woodworking-blog-feeds/


The feed is updated constantly (every time someone posts an article), so you will always be able to see the latest article by traditional woodworking & tool experts like Peter Follensbee, Christopher Schwarz, Robin Wood, and many others. Watch the above video to see how to access the woodworking feed.

Please comment below if you know of some other excellent traditional woodworking blogs and I’ll add them to the feed!


About the Author:

"I'm wildly passionate about traditional woodworking with hand tools, and want to rekindle this lost art. At WoodAndShop I teach you the skills that I learn, and also share anything fascinating that I discover about traditional woodworking. That includes tours of traditional workshops, beautiful furniture, and my favorite tools and books. I hope you enjoy my videos, photos, and articles. Please feel free to leave constructive comments!"

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Scott Turner

The Norse Woodsmith does the same:



Hey I just checked those blogs. Useful list. I going through each one. A great resource for someone interested in learning from experts like you. Thanks for sharing this stuff. BTW, I love your blog.

John McBride

Check out themadcapwoodwright.wordpress.com

Not huge, but kind of refreshing in his writing. Definitely not the same old, same old.


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