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Derek Cohen
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I agree with Mike. The #5 1/2 is one of those planes that many see as a larger of a #5 – which is the plane I would select for a blade with an 8″ radius. Frankly, I do not see where it fits in.

It is too wide for a jack, which does better with a 2″ wide blade for thick shavings. It is too long for a smoother, which for wide panels one might better go with a shorter #4 1/2.

It is too short to be used as a jointer – one might as well go with a #6.

It has been made popular by David Charlesworth as a “super smoother”, but David does not dimension wood by hand – he simply smooths boards that were flattened on machinery.

I’d sharpening it up and use in on a shooting board, if you do not have a BU plane.

Regards from Perth


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