18th century Carved Fan Reproduction..

//18th century Carved Fan Reproduction..
18th century Carved Fan Reproduction..2016-01-16T10:20:13+00:00
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    Mauro Guglietti
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    Hi Guys,i´m really happy to have found this forum!i want first introduce myself briefly..my name is Mauro and i´m a 30 years old furnituremaker and carpenter that lives and works in Sweden,even doe i´m from Italy..i make reproductions mostly of furniture and architectural trim from the past,expecially 17th and 18th century,but i also work a little with carpentry(doors and windows reproduction) and timber framing..here is a fan that i made in my old woodcarving school using basswood..the finish is linseed oil paint and gold leaf,and was done by a very talented girl in my school that took classes in gilding..thanks!

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  • James Wright
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    Nice work. Love the fan. Glad to have you aboard

    • Mauro Guglietti
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      Hi James,thanks for your compliments!glad to be here!

  • Mike in TN
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    Fantastic (pun intended). It really is beautiful. Welcome to the group.

    Have fun

  • Mauro Guglietti
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    Thanks a lot Mike!

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