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    Mike in TN
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    Hi all,

    I know we all want that wonderful dream workbench but I keep seeing posts by folks who have limited space, limited tools, limited resources, and limited experience. People who are working in their kitchens or bedrooms and don’t have access to machinery. You have to start somewhere guys.

    I would really love to see a design for a bench that requires limited storage space (under bed or in a closet), could be easily produced with limited hand tools, would use readily available (big box or common recycled materials), would keep the initial costs low, and could perform most of the functions needed for a real workbench.

    This group is bright and has lots of shop experience. If you had to start from scratch, how would you do it and why?



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  • James Wright
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    I love the design from the Renaissance Woodworker with the small 2’X2′ joiners bench and planing beam. but I have also thought of trying the Japanese style bench plate.

    • Mike in TN
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      Thanks for the reply James and I will be sure to check those out. What specifically appealed to you about those particular options?

      Have fun.

  • James Wright
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    To be honest I rarely use much more than two by two oh my bench so the size would work fairly well and in the form factor it could be even doubled as a kitchen chopping block. I really like the idea of having a planing beam off of it that could be removed and stored most anywhere. That would also give you the capability to plane at work with longboards. In general it just gives a lot of usability with very little space needed.

  • Oakenarm
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    Kind of depends on the type of work/projects you will be doing I think. My very first bench build was actually a saw bench I made from watching Stumpy Nubs’ Old Timey Woodworking Youtube channel.


    It very solid and compact. I use it to chop on because I can actually sit down and work. Drilled some dog holes to used holdfasts and Bazinga a small work bench. Plus it could double as extra seating. You could even make two of them and lay planks across to expand the work area.

    Just my $0.0002 for what it is worth.

  • Gary Stenson
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!

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