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    Got all 5 for $50….Didn’t think it was too bad.


    Stanley Block Plane

    Unknown Block Plane

    Dunlap No.3

    Stanley Bailey No. 5

    Corsair N0. 5

    I plan on restoring the Stanley Block plane, Stanley No. 5 and the Corsair No. 5 (future jack plane) for myself.  Also I will restore the other 2 and see if I can get a few bucks out of them on ebay.






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    The red block plane looks like an Anant or similar – Indian manufacture and cheap.  I have one I use for “rough” work – like planing paint off stuff – or working a board that may have a nail in it.  It will never be top quality, but it’s not without its merits.  It’s probably worth a good sharpening to keep around for the odd rough job.

  • Hank
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    Adam, again Good finds!

    I think the two are a #3 and #4 – well worth the money and the corsair is a good knock around – like Bill suggested for the no-name (agree anant or similar) BP.

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