Band saw for home stuff maker?

//Band saw for home stuff maker?
Band saw for home stuff maker?2015-10-08T10:21:08+00:00
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    Eric Johnson
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    I am looking for home tools to make some house stuff. Can anybody tell me what is needed for the best? A band saw is ideal?

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  • BFgeronimo
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    That’s pretty broad. You would need to be more specific


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  • Mike in TN
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    Hi Eric,

    The thing about woodworking is that the term covers a LOT of diversity in the types of work and the tools involved. If you intend to do carpentry work then a bandsaw is not my first choice. If you want to do decorative craft items such as the many “country” projects people seem to be so fond of,  then many people would favor a bandsaw over most other power tools. I would recommend looking at the types of projects you have in mind and see what other people have used for doing similar projects.

    Have fun.

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  • Eric Johnson
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    My friend recommended me going for the Skil 3386 band saw. It works great.

  • grubbyminer
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    Working up to it.

    I’ve just recently begun my obsession and have taken the stance of getting tools appropriate for my space first (basement shop = carrying tools down stairs) and the fact wearing my hearing protection for power tools and the dust issue is a pain. My first “big” purchase was a job site table saw. Fit my budget and is versatile with a good cross cut sled. By far my favorite purchases are the old handsaws and planes that I’ve rescued from the rust bin. That is the best money I’ve spent. I look for deals on used power tools (just got a 12″ handsaw and 3 1/4 hp router from an auction!) CL is hit or miss but just keep looking.

  • Sides
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    Hi Eric,
    The bandsaw you listed is pretty small, about the smallest you can buy. You would better off with a 14″ saw. It will do two things for you. Allow you to cut larger pieces, with more blade choices. The other is have more power. If you look at the website you listed under disadvantages, it states it is underpowered when in use. If you need a tabletop saw to save on space. I would recommend this Rikon It is a little bit bigger with more power. It would give you better service.

  • swifty6
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    check out the video from Fine Woodworking on getting the most from your bandsaw

    According to James Kernov the band saw is the 2nd most important tool in your shop. Fine Woodworking in their most recent video says it is the most versatile .

    I have been woodworking since the mid 1980’s and recently moved from north Carolina where I sold most of my workshop before the move. My first acquisition since moving to Colorado is buying a Laguna twelve 14.

    There is a good video on YouTube. Their customer service has been good,I love the 3/4 inch carbide blade.


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