BARGAIN ALERT! Aldi Workzone Chisels in USA on Wednesday

//BARGAIN ALERT! Aldi Workzone Chisels in USA on Wednesday
BARGAIN ALERT! Aldi Workzone Chisels in USA on Wednesday2016-05-30T07:29:46+00:00
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    Mike in TN
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    According to the sales flyer the Aldi Workzone chisels will be available in the U.S.stores as of Wednesday, June 1st, 2016. For those of you that haven’t heard, these are great chisels ( some of the best I have ever owned) and are inexpensive. But, you had better act fast because they normally sell out quickly. By the way I am not associated with the company.

    Have fun


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  • Mike in TN
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    Just to give an update: I was at the local Aldi this afternoon and they had already set the chisels out in anticipation of this weeks ad. I picked up five sets to play with. The quality isn’t quite as good as they were last year ( about 95% though). The machining was slightly coarser and a little less consistent. The anti-rust lacquer is a little heavier and there was globs of it on the handles. Having said that, these are still great chisels (similar to Narex chisels) and with a little TLC will serve you well.

    I used a little Lacquer thinner to clean the blades, scraped the globs off of the handles, flattened the backs ( one chisel out of the five sets required bevel grinding to get to good geometry), sharpened and honed the lot, and then used some abrasive paper to ease some of the sharp machine edges. I then took them to the bench and spent some time cutting some old oak end grain. Even after several minutes of that the edges would still shave hair. Not bad for $6.99 a set, plus tax, and two hours work (for the whole five sets).

    Have fun

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