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    Hi, I want to have a go at a “topographical” carving in some Birch Ply. I have some in 18mm thick so I plan to glue three pieces together to give me a good thickness. I have a small selection of straight gouges in various sweeps but I’m wondering if I need a bent gouge to work some of the lower parts of the “valleys”, what do you think? I don’t mind buying one if I really need it but they aren’t cheap these days. TIA.

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    Hi Woodster,

    You can never have too many tools (actually you can but it is fun trying). Ply is not a traditional material to carve because of changing grain direction and the adhesive can cause edge issues. I would recommend cutting the different layers to meet the “topographical” configurations as much as possible before lamination instead of laminating and then cutting away. Also consider using a carving head on angle grinder for much of the work or power carving with a rotary tool instead of using edged tools.

    Have fun.

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    I had considered doing this with power tools and may well end up doing it that way but as it’s very much a learning process I want the control you get with hand tools. I’ll see how it goes.

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