Block Plane Mouth Adjustment Knob

//Block Plane Mouth Adjustment Knob
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    James Wright
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    I recently was given a second block plane and was surprised to see that the fulcrum pin from the mouth adjustment lever is missing on both of mine. what is your favorite way to fix that? it did not look like it was threaded. I was wondering about tapping it and putting in my one bolt or if there is a specific pin that goes in there?

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  • Mike in TN
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    Hi James,

    I have never had one come apart like that. The pin is normally attached to the adjustment lever by just inserting the rod and pinging the head into a mushroom. I see no reason why you couldn’t tap for a small screw since you are just looking at user tools. The adjuster is so thin that you would probably be better off tapping the body of the plane. Before that I would try and find a replacement, complete adjuster.

    Have fun


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