Coffee Table. First Large All Hand Tool Build

//Coffee Table. First Large All Hand Tool Build
Coffee Table. First Large All Hand Tool Build 2015-12-29T22:32:31+00:00
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  • BFgeronimo
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    Looks good! I like the through tenons on the legs. I might borrow a little of your design on a project I have coming up if you don’t mind


  • James Wright
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    The best compliment in the world is to be copied. But I copied others the look of this. The the design is mine look and feel has been done by many others

  • Sides
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    The table came out beautiful. I like the arts and craft look it has. How did you plow the ends on the top, they look at least 2 inches deep? Nice nail trick too. On a side note, Star Wars and a P-38? That kind of clashes, doesn’t it?

  • James Wright
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    That is just a Half Bridal joint, or an open motorist joint not sure what that would be called. the front back and middle of the table all have 2″ tenons that are into the two side pieces. The Black widow is one of the best moddles I have done and I think it fits well with he idea of great ships!


  • Ryan Rose
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    That looks really nice.

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  • Jeremey
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    Wow – you did an awesome job on this. It looks great!

  • Mike in TN
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    Hi again James,

    Lovely table. I have to ask though about your decision to have the dovetails on the drawer front ( or is it fronts?). Traditionally tails would go on the sides to resist the forces of pulling on the front during opening. Was this strictly an appearance based detail to highlight the joinery as a design feature?  Thanks for your wonderful site and videos by the way. It’s been fun watching your woodworking skills and children grow. It’s so nice to see the kids in the shop.

    Have fun

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