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    So I have been interested in Blacksmithing for quite awhile, but am still a ways from starting.  I have many other wood working skills I would like to master before starting another hobby.

    Any way, last week at auction, this came across the block for about 1/4 of it’s value.  I snatched it up!  Looks all original, and unmolested.  The only part that is not correct is the handle, which some one replaced with a cheap bolt that is bent, but the blower works just fine with it.  I will fix it correctly later on…Any way just thought I would share, and add some content to the forum!






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    I think I need to start taking you to auctions with me.  You’ve posted two good finds from what was probably the same day!  I’m never lucky enough to get deals at auctions.  You must have the right mojo.  Nice find.

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    It was 2 separate auctions that were a week apart.  But it’s a sweet little auction house, they do an online live feed when they are going.  So you can bid live from home.  My wife and I usually do that, then I pick up the stuff on my way home from work since I pass right by.

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    very nice blowers!


    I have a rivet forge now but can’t seem to find a decent full size forge at local auctions. But I’ll keep looking… that’s half the fun!

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