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    I have an old hand saw which belonged to my grandfather which I would like to use. It is a rip saw and the blade emblem says that it was made by Kelly&Stalnaker. The saw needs to be sharpened and the teeth need to be set. I took it to be sharpened but was told that the teeth could not be set because the steel was too brittle. I have never heard of this happening to a saw. Has anyone ever encountered this?

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  • James Wright
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    Interesting. newer saws have hardened teeth and they will break if set. But if you can sharpen it with a file then you should be able to set it with no problem.

    • BB
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      Thanks. He saw is at least 70 years old I think.

  • Mike in TN
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    Steel can work harden and if you try and reverse the set it can snap off teeth. You should always be able to file off all of the teeth and cut new ones and go from there.

    Have fun

  • wonderer
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    Hi, without knowing those saw but similar here around from the 1900er aera I normaly use a Dremel and carfully sharpen the teeth. Maybe it helps.

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