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    Seth Ruffin
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    So as a slight side project I am planning to make a cornhole lawn game set since the weather is getting nice. I know a cornhole set is not necessarily traditional woodworking since the joinery would be interesting to figure out. However, I still am trying to use mostly traditional tools, with the exception of a battery powered drill.

    My real question is what is the best hand tool for cutting holes in the center of a board? I think I have figured out a way to make a bow saw work, I made one real quick the other day and then bought some blades and hardware for it. I’ll post my experimental bow saw project later. But I’m wondering if there are any other options particularly when there is not enough clearance to use a bow saw, like cutting in the very middle of a piece of 4×8 plywood?


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  • Bill
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    For smaller things, a coping saw or fretsaw would definitely be the tool of choice.  That said, when you cannot use them (or a bow saw) due to lack of throat depth or any other reason, a keyhole saw may be the answer.  You would start by drilling a starter hole and then use your key hole saw to saw the hole.  The only limitation on using a key hole saw is the radius of the hole you are trying to cut must be large enough to allow the saw’s use.  Said another way, a keyhole saw, unless quite small, will not work on small radius holes.  You should be able to find a keyhole saw at Home Depot or Lowes for a few bucks – or if you’re adventurous, you can make one.

  • Joshua Farnsworth
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    I’ll second what Bill said. And if needed a pad saw can give a finer cut and tighter radius than a keyhole saw. You can even make your own pad saw with a cheap hacksaw blade. You can search on my website for that.

  • Seth Ruffin
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    Nice. Thanks for the help. I’ll try these out.


  • Seth Ruffin
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    Ok. I went on the eBay hunt and got four, I believe 2 are Disston keyhole saws? not sure about other two?, for $15! Which I thought was a nice buy.

    I’m excited to get them in the mail and clean them up. I’ve put the eBay picture below. I’ll try to post more when they arrive and I’ll also try to put before and after pictures in the ‘Hand Tool Before and After’ section. Thanks for the help and suggestions.


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