Just got a great old toothing plane

//Just got a great old toothing plane
Just got a great old toothing plane2015-06-25T02:08:26+00:00
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    I thought everyone would like to see this…

    I just picked up a vintage W. Greenslade toothing plane from Patrick Edwards at Antique Refinishers in San Diego.  It’s used when working with veneer to flatten the wood and increase the surface area for maximum glue adhesion.  The really cool thing about a toothing plane is that you can use them without regard to grain direction for the most part.  You can plane with, across, and tangential to the grain.  I wrote up a whole article on this tool at my blog.  The link is here.  If you just want to take a look at the photos, though, here they are:

    Toothing plane, W. Greenslade, ca. 1862

    W. Greenslade, Bristol / Exhibition Medal 1862 / H. Barrowoliff

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  • Seth Ruffin
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    Honestly, I'm a little jealous.

    Very nice plane. I’ve been looking at toothing planes. I looked at newer ones and it looks like the older wooden ones are better. I hope to get one to actually use (some woodworker may want not to read this blasphemy) on my workbench top!!! In my research on workbenches I found a couple individual who do this so as to keep the workbench top rough and more useful in gripping wood yet soft so as not to mar the wood. I liked the idea as I agree with Christopher Schwartz that the workbench is just a functional large clamping surface. I hope I’m able to find such a great tool one day to.

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      Toothing plane source

      A  good source for these is W. Patrick Edwards at Antique Refinishers/American School of French Marquetry/Old Brown Glue. I’m very happy with mine.

  • Seth Ruffin
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    Thanks I’ll check it out.

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