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    We all like to “look behind the curtain” and I think it is important for other woodworkers to understand that not everyone has that “perfect” shop. Here is a few pictures of mine, just a basement shop with lots of dust and a few extra tools. I have just starting posting photos so please be kind. I didn’t pull out all the tools but you should get some idea. Yes, my name is Mike, and I am an addict.

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    Just a Few Extra Shots

    Just a few more shots of the goodies. Just keep in mind that it has taken forty five years to build up the pile so don’t get discouraged if you are just getting started. Sorry for any repeats that might slip in. This is by no means all there is but just some that were easy to get at. Did I mention I was an addict? Thanks Roy, if it hadn’t been for you I might never have gotten addicted to sawdust and rust. None of this came from EBay by the way.

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    Sweet collection! Though some may cringe, I have a table saw in my shop too along with other various and sundry power tools


    • Mike in TN
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      Thanks BFgeronimo. I suspect most of us hanging around the site are hybrid woodworkers.

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