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    James Wright
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    I am trying to find this maker Garr Klontz. I just purchased 3 molding planes for $.50 each!! and they are in excellent condition. anyone know anything about <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Garr Klontz google was not much help.</span>

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  • Joshua Farnsworth
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    What a find!

    There were soooo many moulding plane makers that it’s often hard to find them all. Will you post some photos of the planes so I can get an idea of the age? Garr Klontz sounds scandinavian or German.

  • James Wright
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    Here they are. I was also wanting if there was a good place to learn about the different types Names. I only have a dozen or so and would like to learn more.


  • Mike in TN
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    Hi Guys,

    I think I see some fainter markings also. My bet is that the Garr Klontz marking is that of a previous owner and not the maker(s).  Based on similarities and differences in the details, it would appear that at least two manufacturers made the planes. Great find on these. I think the cheapest wooden planes I have come across were around $5.  The $5 vise and the $10 box of planes, along with these planes probably qualifies you as the forum’s best bargain hunter so far.

    Have fun

  • Mike in TN
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    Hi again James,

    You might want to check out a book called Wooden Planes by John M. Whelan. It will probably answer any questions you have about moulding and joinery  plane types, styles, and profiles.

    Have fun

  • Sides
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    Hi James,

    I think Mike is right. The Garr Klontz is probably the owners name. Guys used to stamp their name into their tools. If you think about it like this. You work in a furniture shop with 5 or 6 other craftsman, each one having their own tools. How would keep track of your tools? You are working on a bench just a few feet away from another guy and his tools. One guys hollows and rounds look just like the next guys.

    It is also possible the guy made his own tools.

  • Historic Design
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    Owner's Marks

    Maker’s marks for planes are always found on the toe of the plane rather than the heel.    Klontz is a previous owner’s name rather than the manufacturer.  These appear to be American planes and the standard reference for American woodies is A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes by Emil and Martyl Pollak. Check the toe end of the plan and I imagine you will find the maker’s marks, although they aren’t always well struck and can be rather faint.


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