My first real project (dovetailed box)

//My first real project (dovetailed box)
My first real project (dovetailed box)2015-10-21T13:54:04+00:00
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    After a lot of saving, scrounging and refurbishing, I finally got a basic set of tools together. My first project was a workbench, and this is what I made for my first real project.

     It’s my first real attempt at woodworking, I learned a lot while making it and already have plans for more. The dove tails are a bit gappy and it could use a good sanding and a finish, but for now I’m happy to call it finished.
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  • Sides
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    Nice Job

    Congratulations. Your first project looks good. What’s next?

  • Ken
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    Thank you Sides, I’m about half way through a small napkin holder right now, then I think I’ll try some simple side tables.

  • BFgeronimo
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    Looks pretty good. Keep on with it.


  • Fudoshin
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    Very nice

    Looks great!  As someone who is also just beginning I hope my first attempts come out that good.

  • Bill
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    I just got a good chuckle! I started going through the topics at the top of the forum – the napkin holder was the first one. Your comment asked for ideas for your next project – so being the helpful sort I am, suggested a Shaker candle box – the very same type of box you made! That cracks me up. It looks good! Keep it up.

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