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    I recently built a Moxon vise and used some strange wood for the chops.  When I was looking for some wood, I asked a friend if he had any 8/4 stock.  He said he had some cherry.  I went over, looked at it, thought it was a bit brownish, but not out of the realm of possibility to be cherry.  I bought it.

    Here is what the wood looks like when planed:

    It may be difficult to see in the photo, but the grain has a greenish tint to it.

    I am at a loss – I have no idea what kind of wood it is.  It’s fairly dense, has a neutral odor, and the grain is highly interlocked.  It reminds me a bit of mahogany in how it planes and how it looks, but it’s too brown (with that odd green grain) to be mahogany.

    Any ideas?

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