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    I am completely new to woodworking, meaning I currently have no tools and have yet to start a project. With that said, I have a strong interest in learning and believe it could be quite therapeutic. I am 32 years old, father of 4 (with another due in feb), a husbanf, corrections officer, and combat vet. An army buddy recently took up woodworking and recommended it as it has been extremely beneficial for him. I spend so much time online, or connected to some sort of digital box that I believe having a retreat from tech would be highly enjoyable. The solitary work is also very appealing. I was recently diagnosed with ptsd (after many years of denial and hardheadednessss) and I think this outlet could serve better than the pharmaceuticals the VA has offered. I say all of this to ask, if anyone in motor Atlanta has basic tools they no longer need, please let me know as I would be interested in buying some. Thank you.

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  • James Wright
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    Nice to have you on. You may want to try local garage sales. That is where I got most all of mine as I do not know of another hand tool woodworker around me. Alot of time the garage sales have no idea what they have and you can get it for a steel. But you are at the mercy of what you might find.

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  • Mike in TN
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    Hi Adamreuter,

    You might want to post the same ad in your local Craigslist since there will be more local folks see it there. Highland Woodworking would probably also be a good place to go and talk to folks. They might be able to steer you to local groups to help get you started.

    Have fun

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  • Adamreuter
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    I appreciate both of your responses. I’ll give that a shot, thanks.

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  • Joshua Farnsworth
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    Welcome to my forum! Make sure to check out my hand tool buying guide so you…

    …don’t waste money on some bad tools: https://woodandshop.com/which-hand-tools-do-you-need-for-traditional-woodworking/

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