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    Hi All,

    I realise that James has started another thread on “go to” glues but I didn’t want to hijack his thread.

    Is there anyone out there that actually likes the urethane moisture cured glues? No matter what I have ever done using these adhesives that just aren’t that strong

    I have followed the manufacturers instructions to the letter, waded through the masses of hardened foam and still its not that strong a joint. Yes I know it fills gaps but to be honest if the gap is that big that it needs filling would you really like to see what resembles a bath sponge superglued into a cave staring at you on the finished project?

    There must be something that I am missing……..maybe I need to sacrifice a virgin at midnight to ensure strong adhesion…….hmm, well its a thought:-)

    Any suggestions? No not the sacrificing bit, the gluing question.

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    I tried it once. Everything has it’s place but it is not my choice for woodworking.

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