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    Hey guys, I just made a replacement front handle for my brother’s Bailey hand plane and the screw to attach it is missing. Nothing we have will fit so I am guessing it is a specialty screw. Anybody know where I can get a replacement that will fit it?


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    Plane Parts

    You might try eBay as they have sellers that deal in plane parts, but they can be pricey.  You might try google and search on Stanley parts.  A third effort can be aimed and buying an old Stanley/Baily for parts.  There is a lot out there to find.  Wish you luck.

  • James Wright
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    Are you missing the threaded rod or just the brass nut? if just the brass nut I may have one to send you. if the threaded rod I would have to know what type Stanley plane it is so I know how long a rod you need.

    You can find out white type it is here if you do not already know. http://hyperkitten.com/tools/stanley_bench_plane/

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    Missing the threaded rod for the front knob. Thanks for the link. I’ll have him bring it over again and research it. He did a real nice job restoring it and it cuts beautifully. I just turned the knob for him and I tried to fit it with some of my planes, but they are all threaded differently. We can re-tap it if necessary, but would like to avoid that if we can.


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