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    I am looking for references for green woodworking. I’ve recently picked up a hollow auger (Phoenix, manufactured about 1900ish) and a couple of spoke cutters, as I am hoping to make a few stools and chairs.


    Any references that people recommend would be apprciated.

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  • Mike in TN
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    I have always like books by Drew Langsner, Mike Abbot, John Alexander, and, of course, any thing by Roy Underhill.

  • rickg3
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    Mike Abbott

    Check out “Going with the Grain” by Mike Abbott. That should get you started.

  • axes4life
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    How about “The Old Ways Of Working Wood” by Alex Bealer!

  • rickg3
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    “The Old Ways Of Working Wood” by Alex Bealer is a good book, too. I found mine in the bargain books.

  • mtr2115
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    I liked this book: http://lostartpress.com/products/make-a-joint-stool-from-a-tree.

    <em style=”color: #555555; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 20px;”>Its a rewrite of an earlier book by Jennie Alexander and Peter Follansbee


  • crabapple
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    I like Mike Abbott

    Mike Abbott’s book Green Woodworking.

    I just found Lost Art Press this week, I hope to get Make a joint stool from a tree as well as the 1700’s plate book &  book on H.O. Studley tool chest.

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