Refurbished grandpa's saw

//Refurbished grandpa's saw
Refurbished grandpa's saw2016-06-18T20:14:54+00:00
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    Ryan Rose
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    I just finished restoring my grandpas rip saw. I had to remove some rust, joint, resharpen, and set the teeth. I didnt have to do much, it was in pretty good shape. I need to order new hardware for the handle becuse grandpa only had one bolt the was screwed into anything. But i lightly sanded the handle and gave it a little blo.

    Left side jointed but not sharpened, right side jointed and sharp

    Setting the teeth

    Finished saw

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  • James Wright
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    Nice! I am going to have a few of those coming up. it is so cool to keep it in the family!

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