Resources for filing crosscut saws

//Resources for filing crosscut saws
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    Jacob Dubail
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    I have a few old handsaws that I inherited from my great grandfather. I’ve been able to sharpen the rip saws using Paul Seller’s technique:

    What I can’t find is a comparable video for filing crosscut. I understand the theory of it, but can’t execute the technique without a bit more hand holding.

    Does anyone out there know of a good video or two on the subject? The best I’ve found is Tommy Lie Nielsen’s video:



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  • Addedtothecause
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    "Sharpening Western Saws"

    Brit01425 posted a two hour video on youtube called “Sharpening Western Saws”. Its crazy long, but worth every second. It is what really cemented my understanding of the theory. I looked over it several times because of the length, but never regreted taking the time to watch it when I was done! He files a saw flat and recuts the teeth, and explains at length in true Brit style. Check it out.

  • Jacob Dubail
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    Thanks. Do you have that youtube link? If you paste it into a response, the forum will embed it directly. Cheers!

  • Addedtothecause
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