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    I’m looking for a spill plane.  A friend of mine built a reproduction of his family’s cabin from 100 + years ago.  I think he would really appreciate a tin of spills on the mantle.  I don’t mind making one but don’t think I have those skills yet as I’ve only been at this for a month or so.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Spill planes are unique in that the “shavings” are the product. Since spills went out of general fashion about a hundred and fifty years ago original spill planes tend to be hard to come by and expensive. There are few on EBay right now but it can be difficult to separate originals from reproductions. I would recommend that you keep it on your future project list until you feel more confident in your skill levels unless one of the forum members feels extraordinarily generous.

    Lee Valley has a version of one available for about $50 and there are numerous videos on line on the subject.

    Have fun

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  • Mike in TN
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    If the goal is to simply make spills then you can do that by simply making long full length shavings with a highly skew held normal bench plane. Giving the plane an exaggerated skew over a long(ish) board mimics the action of the skewed blade found in a spill plane. That may not be as cool as having a spill plane but it works.

    Have fun

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