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    Im pretty new with the wood working world (about 2 years) but I have been working with my hands my whole life. Sharpening my tools has troubled me since day one, but my biggest challenge is sharpening the hook knife I use for spoon carving. Does anyone have any pro tips on sharpening or any video resources they can refer me to? Or even better the best tool you use for spoon carving? (I also use a spoon gouge that works much better…because it’s still sharp)

    many my thanks in advance


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    Hello Andrew,

    Most of the sharpening of hooked knives I have seen was done with cylindrical  stones ( properly called files) or sand paper on dowels on the interior surfaces.

    Have fun.

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    The trick is never let it get dull. I almost never touch the inside of the knife. The video is by Del at Pinewood Forge. He makes some of the best spoon knives available.


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    I didn’t mean to suggest that the inside surface  was the only surface that should be sharpened, only that those methods were what I had seen for those surfaces because of the shape. Looking at several of the videos online there are a variety of sharpening methods used on the bevels including flat stones, abrasives on sticks and various strops. In any case, most of the sharpening is done on the bevels just as Sides stated. I am reluctant to admit it in this forum but I often power strop/hone the curved cutting edges of my tools as many carvers do.

    Personally, I prefer gouges, carving the bowls before any other part of the spoon. I find bowls blanks easier to hold down while there are still plenty of flat surfaces and I can use both hands on the tools and use the power of the mallet.

    Have fun.

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