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    Seth Ruffin
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    A Stanley number 4 was the first plane I bought and I had figured on it being the only one I had for about a year. After reading Joshua’s list and reading a some others comments it seemed a number 4 would be enough to get me by on any project. I hounded eBay for a couple weeks and was able to get this one for about $20. It took me a while to refurbish but that was mostly because of the sandpaper I had bought, a couple swipes and the section of sandpaper I was using was pretty useless. Once I got better sandpaper and some nice sharpening stones for Christmas it works wonderfully. I’ll post some pictures of the refurbished plan later but here are pictures of it right out of the mail.

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  • Seth Ruffin
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    Here are the pictures of after I refurbished the plane. I did it the same as one of the videos on Joshua’s site. I sanded the bottom square, marking up the bottom with sharpie so I knew when it was done well. Then I squared the sides, checking it with a combination square. I then cleaned up the frog and the frog contact points. I wire wheeled the lever and the brass pieces. Lastly, I cleaned up the blade and sharpened it. When I got the plane in the mail it was really hard to use and barely took a shaving mostly just dust. After I refurbished it did worlds better though after I got actual water stones at Christmas it really started to sing.


  • Esmith9902
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    Looks great!

    Looks great

    • acritell
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      Great work there’s no better feeling than finishing and looking at how nice it came out

  • theolithic71
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    What makes this a “finishing” plane?

  • Seth Ruffin
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    Really is just a Smoothing plane. Not sure why I called it a finishing plane.

  • Mike in TN
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    Tool Restoration


    Nice looking plane you have there.


  • vanislescotty
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    Congrats on nice job

    Nice job. I’m about six planes behind refurbishing. I’ve been concentrating on rehabbing 4 sets of chisels, about 20 in total. It’s inspiring to see other’s work. Makes me look forward to when I get to mine, including two that I recently was given that belonged to my wife’s grandfather.

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