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    I’m new to hand planes and recently purchased a Stanley no 118. After sharpening the iron and flattening the sole it works great! My question is there any tricks to getting the iron square? Or is it just trial and error and soft taps?

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    If you are talking about square in the plane, yes. Soft taps to move it. I keep small pieces of wood to check. a couple passes on each side to see if it is square. There isn’t much room to adjust it in the plane, so make sure the iron is ground square. I don’t have a 118, I use a 60 1/2 it should be the same.

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    if you really have truble to make your plane square ,you can put it on a nicelly flatended piece of wook and drop the iron down until it touch the wook evenly et just tap the iron a litle bit to create the cutting part of the blade
    ps : sorry for my english mistakes and if my sentence are not good , i’m french

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