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    Hi, Great to see that I am starting this forum off!

    I am currently building a wooden treadle lathe out of Blue Gum wood. A nicely grained, reasonably heavy lumber, with some amazing ripple and quilt figuring.

    This lathe will hopefully compliment my three other lathe, a 1912 metal lathe with screw cutting system, my faithful Record DML24 with bed extensions and my tiny 1960’s Unimat for fiddly stuff. Does anyone on the forum have any experience of wooden treadle lathes? In need info and ideas


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    Try different sources

    I don’t know what your sources or plans were taken from. I Am also in the process of making my own, and
    My first decision I Had to take was wheather to gonfor a pole spring lathe or a treadle, and after several months of research I decided to stick with treadle lathe, and the main source of information that allowed me to move on that direction what a publication by Steve Shmeck, “Make your own treadle lathe”, thru this publication Steve detail no only measures and procedures but his experiences making his own, and what should he change if he would have the chance to start from scratch. You can find this ebook at http://www.manytracks.com, good luck have fun and I hope in the near future we
    Can share our experinces

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    I second the usefulness of Schmeck’s book.  I’m going to make one, too.

  • Bilbo
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    Thanks very much Antonio. I am starting shortly to build two treadle lathes. They will be used in our Traditional workshop at the Drotsdy Museum Complex here in Swellendam, South Africa. I will definitely acquire a copy of Schmeck’s book.

  • Antonio
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    I just started my own wooden treadle lathe project a few weeks ago, so far everything is going ok, got all the hardware suggested by Steve and I think in about a couple more weekends of work it will be done

    I will let you all know about my experience

  • mtr2115
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    Just curious how the project is going – any lessons learned yet?  I am thinking out whats involved in building a treadle lathe.

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