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    Any time I travel I always look for opportunities to either shop for traditional tools, meet up with fellow woodworkers or to examine examples of woodwork. As an example, when in London several years ago, I discovered the stunning collections in the Victoria and Albert Museum. I am planning on going back to the same area soon and I was hoping that some of the forum readers had suggestions on tool sources, shops or collections they have come across, not just in the UK but anywhere they have traveled.

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    If you’re interested in logging tools (heavy hand tools – not skidders!) there is a guy named Bill Fischer in Ontonagon MI that has access to a bunch.  He owns a business called Ontonagon Consignment Company.  You can find it via Google.  If you’re looking for something particular, give him a call.  His locale is fairly remote.  It on the Keeweenaw peninsula of the UP of MI.  You won’t get there by accident!  Regardless, he’s a good guy that will treat you fairly.  I’ve worked with him on a couple things and he’s been good to work with.

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