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    Is it possible to build a workbench without using any screws or glue that would be just as strong as the traditional way?

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  • James Wright
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    moravian workbench

    You could make the moravian workbench like the one listed in the header with a few modifications. you just need to find a solid board for the top rather then laminating it.


  • Mike in TN
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    Hi Abonet168.

    A lot of old work was done using drawbore pegs and workbenches can be done that way also. Think of it as a timber frame project. You just have to choose the overall design and the joints to use that technique. Like James says, it would seem that the biggest issue would be the top instead of the undercarriage but an English style bench might give you some options since they often used thinner bench tops.

    Have fun and please post pictures if you build one. We would love to see it.

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    A roubo bench could be built very easily without glue and screws. Like Mike and James pointed out a big slab and draw bore. Andre Roubo would have built his that way. The nicholson would be difficult to build without glue and screws.

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