Gorgeous Tung Oil Finish on 18th Century Jointer Plane

//Gorgeous Tung Oil Finish on 18th Century Jointer Plane

This VIDEO isn’t a tutorial. I just wanted to keep y’all up tonight with thoughts of the Tung oil falling into the pores of this beautiful beech jointer plane that I just finished building. I also wanted to announce that I just finished filming a DVD with Bill Anderson on how to build this traditional 18th century jointer plane from scratch, with traditional hand tools. Roy Underhill invited us to film it in his Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, North Carolina. This plane is modeled after one of Roy’s precious hand planes! Click here to buy the DVD.  They should be ready this summer (2014). Please share your comments below!



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Great article.. I just used tung oil on my hard maple workbench. It turned out great. I would love to win the glue up clamps, but the shaker candle stand video would also be a valuable addition to my shop. I would wear any of the t-shirts with great pride. Thanks from Michigan.


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