VIDEO: Hand Cut Dovetails Part 15: Glue and Clamp the Dovetails

//VIDEO: Hand Cut Dovetails Part 15: Glue and Clamp the Dovetails

VIDEO 15/15 of Joshua Farnsworth’s free hand cut dovetail video series shows how to finish the dovetail box carcass by gluing and clamping the tail board and pin boards together.

This is a very detailed tutorial designed to teach beginners how to become expert at dovetailing by hand. It is offered as a free resource to encourage the revival of traditional woodworking.


This detailed video series was inspired by a 5 day class that I took from Roy Underhill and Bill Anderson: world-renowned experts on traditional woodworking with hand tools.

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Shortcuts to Dovetail Videos 1-15:



About the Author:

"I'm wildly passionate about traditional woodworking with hand tools, and want to rekindle this lost art. At WoodAndShop I teach you the skills that I learn, and also share anything fascinating that I discover about traditional woodworking. That includes tours of traditional workshops, beautiful furniture, and my favorite tools and books. I hope you enjoy my videos, photos, and articles. Please feel free to leave constructive comments!"

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Anthony W Rich

Hello Joshua, Nice Work, I am working on different projects all at one time, the dovetails are going to be for a Stationery Writing Desk I saw Norm Abrams Build a couple, the video is lost, someone took it off Youtube too bad I enjoyed watching it. I have an instruction for doing this with a table saw, and some jigs, started making the Jigs, have lots of those now, Thank You for the videos, great information.


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