Dry Fitting a Walnut Chair with Brian Weldy at Colonial Williamsburg

//Dry Fitting a Walnut Chair with Brian Weldy at Colonial Williamsburg

In the above video, Colonial Williamsburg Journeyman Cabinetmaker Brian Weldy shares a special tutorial on how to assemble, dry fit, and clamp up a traditional 18th century walnut chair, using clamps, winding sticks, a wooden mallet, and a folding rule.


This video was filmed a couple months ago, but on my visit to the Hay Cabinetmaking Shop just a few days ago (on the 4th of July) Brian was happy to inform me that he had finished his 7-year apprenticeship (wow) and had been promoted to a Journeyman Cabinetmaker!


It amazes me how much time the 18th century craftsmen had to put into learning their trade before they could move up in their profession. Brian is certainly a very skilled cabinetmaker and artist, as evidenced by his work on these walnut chairs.



I filmed this skill tutorial (and several other tutorials) inside the 18th Century Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop at Colonial Williamsburg.

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Below are a few photographs that I took at the Anthony Hay cabinet maker shop at historical Colonial Williamsburg:


Discover a treasure trove of woodworking knowledge by visiting the Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop blog.





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