In this video I show how to glue up boards into a table top panel using panel clamps. I’m also giving away a bunch of awesome gifts, including a matching set of these Damstom Panel Clamps, at the bottom of this blog post. Most of my winners say they’ve never won anything in their lives, so it can happen to you…make sure you enter!

I first stand the boards on end (on the bottom parts of the panel clamps) and apply an even stroke of wood glue (I regularly use this type of Titebond wood glue and this type of liquid hide glue). Most of the time I use cheap foam brushes like this, and sometimes I use a small paint brush. If I can’t find either I just use a thin scrap of wood and my fingers. You don’t have to use panel clamps to glue up panels, but I find that it helps with keeping the boards from popping up.

You don’t need to put glue on both sides. Drop the board down and rub them back and forth to evenly spread the glue. 
Then I add the top bars, insert the other pins, and press down on the first top bar:
While holding the panel clamp bar down, I tighten the hand screw. Notice that I use a small scrap of wood to prevent marring the edge of the wood:

I don’t fully tighten the first clamp yet, but first repeat the above steps on the second panel clamp, then rotate tightening them a bit until they’re both snug (like tightening lugnuts on a car wheel). Just make sure all the boards are level with each other when you’re tightening. And if your panel is wider, you can add another clamp like this:

This model is the Damstom D300 38-inch black edition (here). It runs about $59 per clamp (comparable to most parallel clamps, like these). Damstom also has a 24-inch panel clamp, but I find the longer clamps to be more useful as most table tops will be over 24-inches wide. If you want a better tutorial on using these clamps than what I provided, check out these tutorial videos on Damstom’s website.




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***WINNERS ANNOUNCED (02/14/2017):

The giveaway winners that were randomly chosen are:

GIVEAWAY #1: “Two Damstom D300 38-inch panel clamps“: Jeff Milde from South Carolina

GIVEAWAY #2: “Two Free Digital Woodworking Video Downloads“:

     (a) International winner:  Tassos from Cyprus selected: “Building the Historic Howarth Bow Saw with Bill Anderson”

     (b) Domestic winner: Richard Maske from Michigan selected: ““Building the Hancock Shaker Candle Stand with Will Myers”

GIVEAWAY #3: “One of my new traditional woodworking T-shirts“: Jason T. selected: “Stanley 45 Combination Plane T-shirt

GIVEAWAY #4:One of my woodworking Gifts and Gizmos“: Christopher Sherwin from New Jersey selected: “Stanley 45 Combination Plane Mug (Blue)