I shot the above Video at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School. Bill Anderson shows how to properly use a Stanley 45 Combination Plane to cut a simple groove for use in a dovetail box or many other uses.


Bill shows the basic parts of the combination plane and how to adjust them.


You’ll learn how to hold the Stanley 45 combination plane to get a consistent groove, and how to avoid misshaped grooves. I have a downloadable PDF of the Stanley 45 combination plane instruction manual here.


In addition to teaching at the Woodwright’s School, Bill Anderson is also a regular contributor to Popular Woodworking Magazine (read his great bow saw article here) and a repeat visitor on The Woodwright’s Shop tv show.

Bill Anderson

Here’s a Woodwright’s Shop episode with Bill:

You can find vintage Stanley 45 and Stanley 55 combination planes, parts, & cutters here:

Thanks for checking this out! What other skills would you like to learn?