Artisan Tree Carver in Virginia (VIDEO)

//Artisan Tree Carver in Virginia (VIDEO)

Driving home today I saw something very unexpected in my Charlottesville, Virginia neighborhood: someone carving an artistic sculpture into a tree. Watch the above VIDEO to see him in action.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

I drove quickly to my house to grab my camera, and then returned to meet Don Charlebois and Marietta McCarty, the Author and Philosopher for whom Don was carving this natural art piece out of a dying Gum tree.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

I know, I know. This isn’t exactly traditional woodworking, but I love and appreciate all great art, and wanted to share it with my readers.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

Don is quite a facinating fellow with an interesting history. He graduated from the University of Virginia (just down the road) in political science with notable political scientist Larry Sabato. He met his wife in Switzerland, and has followed his passion for creating art from wood and also building beautiful custom cabinets and furniture.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

I didn’t get to spend enough time getting to know about Don’s history, but I’m sure there’s many more fascinating details, as with most people’s stories. I think it’s a good habit to slow down and meet people, and hear their story.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

Marietta was very proud of the work of art that was now adorning her visible yard. Right as she was showing me the before photo on her smartphone, she gasped, thinking that Don was falling from his makeshift scaffolding. Fortunately he was fine.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

I was enthralled watching Don expose the creative picture that was eminating from his mind’s eye.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

Because I’ve largely abandoned power tools, I had to brush wood chips off me for the first time in a long time! I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing this artistic experience with me!



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