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The Portable Moravian Workbench is considered by many to be the best DIY workbench. It is certainly the best collapsible workbench. For years now we’ve been giving away the free Moravian Workbench plans that go along with our very popular video “Building the Portable Moravian Workbench with Will Myers“.

Portable Moravian Workbench Plans Used To Make This Collection Of The Best Collapsible Workbench

I created Moravian Workbench video with Will Myers in a way that most woodworkers could build it. We made it very detailed: over 7 hours! (Buy it here >>>).

Dvd Cover For “Building The Portable Moravian Workbench With Will Myers”

A lot of people have successfully built this historical collapsible workbench with only these two resources. But we’ve also had many woodworkers email us asking if we could draw up much more detailed Moravian workbench plans than a single page. So we finally created some very detailed plans to assist those who need a little more help!

Premium Moravian Workbench Plans

Our new downloadable PDF Moravian Workbench plans took a lot of work to create, but we’re sure you’ll find them very helpful. They include 57 pages of very detailed drawings, including detailed joinery drawings with measurements, multiple elevations, and many exploded views to see how everything fits together.

Moravian Workbench Plans

We also cleared up a couple of confusing measurements from the original Moravian Workbench plans, and clarified some items on the cut list.

Portable Moravian Workbench Slab Top Made Out Of Ambrosia Maple

It may be overkill, but we really tried to think of every conceivable angle and measurement that even a beginner woodworker would want to see.

Moravian Workbench Plans

If you want to learn more, you can check out the plans by clicking the button below:

Moravian Workbench Plans For Sale

Pointing Finger Vertical