Here’s the 4th progress video of my dream woodworking workshop! In this segment, the ceiling was hung, the insulation was blown, and the entire shop was sprayed with white paint. Let’s have a closer look.


You can see the previous videos here. (And click here if you’re having trouble seeing this 4th video).


In this phase of my workshop remodel I rented a scaffold and drywall lift and started to hang Sheetrock on the ceiling. This turned out to be quite difficult to do by myself with a 14 foot ceiling, so I hired a guy on Craigslist to give me a hand. After the first day he disappeared, and I was left alone to finish the majority of the roof. So I found someone else on Craigslist and he and his crew said they could finish the ceiling, insulate the new attic, tape & mud the ceiling seams, and paint the whole workshop, with my sprayer, for an unbelievable price.


I was hesitant at first, because of the previous guy who appeared to be an amazing deal. But this new crew turned out to be heaven sent.


I taped up the wood stove, but they included taping up for the painting in their price, which saved me a bunch of valuable time.


I purchased attic insulation from Lowes, so I got to use the insulation blower for free!


They did a great job taping & mudding the ceiling. I decided to skip sanding the ceiling because, well, this isn’t a church, it’s a workshop.


Once the primer & paint got sprayed on I started to get really excited. The board & batten walls, with the shaker pegs, looked amazing!


The vision of my dream workshop is finally being transformed into reality.


I still needed to take care of adding stairs up to the workshop because, well, a log and cinder blocks isn’t really a long-term solution.


This same crew was able to throw up a porch in one day, which saved me valuable time and effort. Be careful when you find a construction crew that is affordable, because you tend to get a little lazy! Well, after several months of hard labor I guess I can afford to outsource a few things, right?


In the next video & article you’ll get to see one of the most tricky parts of my workshop remodel: making custom window & door casings and trim. You’ll also witness delivery of the world’s largest pile of horse manure, and get a front row ticket to the toppling of my 1990’s satellite dish!


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