My Dream Woodworking Workshop (part 5)

//My Dream Woodworking Workshop (part 5)

In the 5th progress video of my dream woodworking workshop I tackle custom window & door casing and trim; and lots of painting. The above video will illustrate the difficult challenges I overcame to trim out 2×4 windows with 2×6 framing…nightmare! You can see the previous workshop videos here.

In my “day job” I get to walk through a lot of historic homes and see gorgeous antique furniture and mill work. This particular door trim partly inspired my choice of trim.


Looks fairly similar, huh? The color was inspired by many pieces of painted furniture that I’ve seen in houses, but also at Colonial Williamsburg and other historic buildings. And here’s the finished window…sorry, I only took video of the progress:


In the video I promised that I’d share the paint color. I usually choose a higher-grade paint like Sherwin-Williams, but I found just the right color at Lowes. They have a line of historical colonial colors from the national historical society. This color is Woodlawn Juniper 5001-4B. Click here for the color page. Since all monitors are so different, you’ll want to get a color sample card to see if this color is right for you.


This paint turned out to work great for my interior trim and exterior metal door. I obviously used different base paints for indoor vs. outdoor.


Now for that huge eyesore: a 1990’s satellite dish. This dish hasn’t been used for…well, there are huge trees growing in front of it, so take a guess at how long it’s been since this beast has been used. It came down much easier than I expected. I just cut it with my Sawzall and “Timber!!!”. My 7-year-old son Joseph got a kick out of seeing the dish come down. Now I’ve got to dig out the huge footer…sigh.


Another fun thing thing that I did recently was cut up a 155 year old white oak tree that came down in a storm. Many of the big “branches” became firewood for my friend Jeremy and I. And more importantly a huge 10 foot section of the trunk was transformed into a huge pile of 12-inch wide quartersawn white oak boards!


I filmed the process with my friend Todd Horne, a local band saw miller. In an upcoming video you’ll see this project, and learn how to work with the owner of a bandsaw mill, near you, to get custom-cut lumber at a more affordable price than going to the lumber yards.

And finally, a little funny update from my farm. My friend Ken owns a commercial garbage container business. He knew I was starting a large garden, so he offered to bring me a dumpster of horse manure when one of his horse-owner-clients had filled up a dumpster. That day came, and now I have at least one lifetime supply of steaming horse poop!


In the next video & article I’ll finish up this long workshop remodel and reveal the final product! So make sure you’re subscribed (click here) so you can see the culmination of all this hard work. And feel free to share feedback and ideas in the comment box below!




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Joshua loves mixing his passion for traditional hand tool woodworking with his ability to teach in a simple manner. He lives on a small farm in Earlysville, Virginia with his wife and four children, and builds furniture in his workshop / woodworking school.

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Absolutely loving these updates; thanks for going through the trouble!


Thanks so much for leaving the paint color in the description. I am thinking about the same color for my shop doors but am thinking about trying to get it in my favorite paint from fine paints of Europe because it is a lot brighter with the pigments and I preffer oil paint over the stuff that is called paint now days. My reason for commenting was to find out if the white paint you used was part of the historical society paint or just one you picked out? I love to watch your videos and forum thanks for all… Read more »

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