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How to Restore Antique Beading Planes


Written By Contributor Bill Anderson; Photos by Bill Anderson & Joshua Farnsworth USE OF BEADING PLANES The beading plane provides one of the simplest molding designs, yet one that has a distinct

How to Restore Antique Beading Planes2017-07-21T13:07:53-04:00

Traditional Woodworking Index


TOOL BUYING GUIDES See Joshua’s lists of recommended traditional woodworking hand tools. WOODWORKING TOURS Watch video tours of traditional workshops and other fascinating places. WOOD

Traditional Woodworking Index2021-03-03T17:29:56-05:00

Traditional Woodworker Blog Feeds


TRADITIONAL WOODWORKING BLOGS: Anthony Hay's Cabinetmaking Shop at Colonial Williamsburg Norse Woodsmith Rainford Restorations The Workbench Diary The Furniture Record Pegs and Tails Don Williams (Dons Barn) Unplugged Workshop (Paul Sellers)

Traditional Woodworker Blog Feeds2019-10-12T06:46:19-04:00
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