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The Woodwright’s Shop TV Show on DVD!

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I was an unusual kid. I woke up very early each Saturday morning to watch a funny-looking guy in red suspenders and old-fashioned cap build furniture with old tools on

The Woodwright’s Shop TV Show on DVD!2021-08-31T11:35:22-04:00

Traditional Woodworking Index

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TOOL BUYING GUIDES See Joshua’s lists of recommended traditional woodworking hand tools. WOODWORKING TOURS Watch video tours of traditional workshops and other fascinating places. WOOD

Traditional Woodworking Index2021-09-01T08:07:46-04:00

Portable Moravian Workbenches Now For Sale!

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By Joshua Farnsworth   |   05 November, 2019 ***UPDATE: Due to the worldwide pandemic and supply chain interruption, we are not currently selling the Moravian Workbench, though

Portable Moravian Workbenches Now For Sale!2023-07-07T09:45:39-04:00
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