VIDEO: The House Joiner (making sash windows by hand)

//VIDEO: The House Joiner (making sash windows by hand)

Chairmaker Caleb James shared this amazing video on how skilled joiners used to construct sash windows. I loved it so much that I want to share it with my readers! So what did you think?


The beautiful traditional art of joinery, brought to life in the construction of a sash window frame from raw pine boards through completion using only hand tools.

Commissioned by the Arnold Zlotoff Tool Museum in South Hero, VT and featuring joiner Ted Ingraham.



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"I'm wildly passionate about traditional woodworking with hand tools, and want to rekindle this lost art. At WoodAndShop I teach you the skills that I learn, and also share anything fascinating that I discover about traditional woodworking. That includes tours of traditional workshops, beautiful furniture, and my favorite tools and books. I hope you enjoy my videos, photos, and articles. Please feel free to leave constructive comments!"

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Simon Peacock

Wonderful, inspiring video. I never really thought about how much joinery is involved in making a ‘mere’ window… and what I especially enjoyed was the moment when the narrator said that no glue was used. Makes sense. Strange that seeing a wood plug carved and cut off could be so satisfying! I’m a beginning woodworker hobbyist. I guess passion makes the otherwise everyday seem magical. :-)


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