I’m very excited to announce the launch of the World’s first forum community dedicated to Hand Tool Woodworkers! I’ve had many people ask for this, so here it is. Watch the above video to see the features, and how to use the forum.


You can click here to get involved in this hand tool community right now, or access it from my home page. Here’s what the forum homepage looks like:


You can (1) search by the most popular topics, (2) show your expertise by answering other people’s questions, (3) view the whole list of the forum categories, or (4) use the search bar to search topics by keyword:


I’m going to be doing a cool giveaway soon, that rewards people who are involved a lot on this forum, so start sharing today! Plus, you have the opportunity to create the biggest and most popular topics by starting early.

If you have any suggestions for other topics or ways that it can be improved, please leave a comment below this blog post.