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  • Ammonia fuming quartersawn white oak end tables and drawers in a plastic tent

    How to Darken Oak Furniture with Ammonia Fuming

    In this video I show a historical method for darkening white oak furniture with industrial strength Ammonia, inside a makeshift plastic fuming tent, and I do it on a pair of Shaker style quartersawn white oak end tables. My most recent video & article showed how these end tables fit together (here) and I previously shared a video & article on experimenting with lower-strength home center ammonia to fume an oak Moravian footstool (here).

  • Unfinished quartersawn white oak night stand with drawer being inserted

    Anatomy of an End Table and Drawer

    Tables with drawers are really enjoyable to build, but how everything fits together can be confusing for beginner woodworkers. So I'm going to show you how my quartersawn white oak nightstands fit together. I did some research and discovered a major lack of written specifics on the anatomy of tables, especially how the inside drawer-holding parts fit together. I flipped through new and old books, and checked a bunch of DVDs, and virtually all

  • video hand saw sharpening teeth with file

    How to Sharpen Hand Saws for Woodworking

    In the above video I filmed hand saw maker Tom Calisto sharing a tutorial on how to sharpen new and antique hand saws for woodworking. Sharpening hand saw teeth is a skill that takes time to develop, but a suitable hand saw sharpening job can be done after a couple tries, so don’t feel too intimidated. It just takes a little practice. Between Tom’s video and my article below we’ll try to simplify the process for you. This

  • collapsible trestle table video player

    “Building the Collapsable Trestle Table with Will Myers” Released!

    I'm excited to announce the release of a much-anticipated DVD and Digital Download:  “Building the Collapsable Trestle Table with Will Myers”! Will Myers came up with this original trestle table design, based on historical designs that he studied. But he decided to improve upon the designs and aesthetics that he found. Aside from it's strength & light weight, what I love about this table is it's ability to be easily collapsed and transported. It's

  • cutting dovetails with back saw on lake erie moxon vise

    Moxon Workbench Vise Giveaway & Review

    Several months ago the folks at Lake Erie Toolworks sent me a "Moxon Vise" to try out. I use their other high-end workbench vise screws in my workshop, so I was eager to see how their Moxon Vise would perform. They are offering a brand new Moxon Vise as a giveaway for my readers, which you can enter to win at the bottom of this article. The giveaway is open world wide, so make sure you enter!

  • Elia_Bizzarri_how_to_choose_log_woodworking_video

    How to Choose a Log at the Log Yard with Elia Bizzarri

    In my above video, professional Windsor Chair Maker Elia Bizzarri teaches how to find the best log for woodworking, at a North Carolina log yard. This extremely useful lesson is part of the 2-disc DVD “Build a Traditional Windsor Rocker with Elia Bizzarri” (buy it in my store here). Here are some photos of Elia at his North Carolina workshop. And here are some photos of Elia's lovely Windsor Chairs: Comment below and share your thoughts and

  • Disassembled Simons back saw on a woodworking workbench with a screwdriver and two other antique hand saws

    Understanding & Restoring Antique Hand Saws

      By Joshua Farnsworth In my above video, expert hand saw maker Tom Calisto goes into detail on refurbishing an antique Simonds back saw that I bought several years back. Tom teaches classes at Roy Underhill's The Woodwright's School, and he is a contributing writer for both Fine Woodworking Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine. Before he refurbished the hand saw, I asked Tom to take some time to talk about hand saw types,


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