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  • Hand cut through dovetails with dovetail saw

    Easy Hand Cut Dovetails that Hide Grooves with Will Myers

    In this video Will Myers demonstrates his straight-forward method for cutting a through-dovetail joint, with a trick to hide a groove. This demonstration is on a workbench tool tray, for a Moravian Workbench, but it is the same process you would use when adding bottoms when making boxes or tool chests. Here is the original Moravian Workbench that Will Myers patterned his benches after (it is stored at the Old Salem Museum in North Carolina).

  • Erik Florip Toolworks Woodworking dovetail saw

    Finally, the Best High-End and Affordable Dovetail Saw!

    I recently discovered an amazing toolmaker who has found a way to sell his top-notch tools at prices that real people can afford. His name is Erik Florip, he's a Marine veteran, and his company is Florip Toolworks. Remember that name, because with his low prices and high quality, he's going to steal some market share from the other toolmakers. His dovetail saws are as good as the $200+ dovetail saws, but are selling for

  • Green woodworking tools for carving bowls and spoons, sitting on a woodworking workbench, including a bowl adze, carving gouge, hook knife, axe, and drawknife

    Tools for Green Woodworking & Bowl or Spoon Carving with Mike Cundall

    By Joshua Farnsworth In the above video, wooden bowl and spoon maker Mike Cundall talks about which hand tools are needed for green woodworking generally, and also for bowl carving and spoon carving. He also shares some of his beautifully carved wooden spoons and bowls. Mike is one of our newest instructors at the Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School, and he'll be teaching two classes this year: "Bowl Carving & Spoon Carving with Mike

  • Diagram Frame and Panel Door Parts Construction

    Anatomy of a Shaker Wall Cupboard

    By Joshua Farnsworth In the above video I show how a hanging Shaker wall cupboard, or wall cabinet fits together. This isn't a full build tutorial, but a 5 stage anatomy lesson to help woodworkers understand how a wall cupboard like this comes together. I designed this Cherry hanging Shaker wall cupboard based off several different antique Shaker cupboards that I've seen over the years, and documented various steps of the construction process to help

  • Stanley 71 router plane with Lie-Nielsen router plane Bill Anderson at Roy Underhill's Woodwright's School

    Choosing, Rehabbing & Using Router Planes with Bill Anderson

    In these three videos Bill Anderson will teach you all about the mystical router plane! You'll learn about router planes & how to buy them, then how to refurbish & sharpen them, and finally how to use a router plane to make a dado joint, for shelves, and to trim tenons for a more accurate mortise and tenon joints. And click here to check out Bill's upcoming 2019 classes here in Earlysville, Virginia! VIDEO

  • Dave Heller holding a veneered chess board with mother of pearl inlay

    Intro to Wood Veneering & Inlay with Dave Heller

    In this video Dave Heller shares an introduction to wood veneering and wood inlay for furniture making. What is veneering and inlay? They are traditional methods used to embellish and beautify furniture. Veneering is the process of gluing thin slices of attractive (and often rare) wood onto core panels. Inlay involves insetting wood, precious stones, etc. into the wood. Here's a prime example of one of Dave's boxes that incorporates both techniques: Here is an example

  • Dave Heller holding two boards with a London style dovetail joint

    Make Mitered London Style Dovetails with Dave Heller

    In this video Dave Heller shares a detailed tutorial on making fancy London-style dovetails with a mitered corner. The London-style dovetail originated in, well, London where cabinetmakers sought to show off their joinery skills by cutting the finest pins possible. Adding a miter to dovetails is very useful for wrapping a dovetailed skirt around a tool chest, or for adding embellishment to a cupboard's carcass. In the very near future I'll be releasing the last video,


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