• A brass padlock on a hasp on a wooden dovetail chest box

    Install a Locking Hasp on a Dovetail Chest using Hand Tools

    By Joshua Farnsworth In this video and article I’ll teach you how I install these vintage-style hasps, so I can put a padlock on a wooden chest or box. This is part 3/3 of a series on hardware for a chest or box. In the first video and article I showed how to use toilet bowl cleaner to turn inexpensive, zinc-coated hinges, hasps, and screws from a hardware store, into lovely historical hardware. You

  • Historical butt hinges and slotted screws from toilet bowl cleaner

    4 Steps to Add Hinges on a Dovetail Chest with Hand Tools

    By Joshua Farnsworth In this article, and the above video, I show my simple 4 step method for adding historical style hinges onto a dovetail chest. In my last video & article I showed how to use toilet bowl cleaner to turn these inexpensive, zinc-coated hinges and screws from a hardware store, into lovely historical hardware (see the video & article here). But you can use any hinges or screws for your project. I

  • Before and after new zinc hinges and screws next to antique style stipped

    Make Historical Hinges & Screws Using Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    By Joshua Farnsworth In this article, and the above video, I show my method for turning inexpensive, zinc-coated hinges and screws from your hardware store into beautiful, historical hardware for these wooden dovetail chests. And I use toilet bowl cleaner to do it! I recently made these 4 dovetail chests for some very important clients...my kids! And I wanted these chests to have a very traditional look, which includes antique-looking hardware. But antique hardware

  • Portable Moravian workbench holding a board with a holdfast on the flush legs

    All about Holdfasts for Workbenches

    By Joshua Farnsworth In this video I talk all about metal holdfasts for woodworking on your workbench. A holdfast is a historical metal workbench fixture that wedges into a workbench top, holding your workpiece down firmly as you cut joints. In my woodworking school, I own 10 workbenches, and about 30 holdfasts, so I've got a lot of experience with using and troubleshooting different holdfasts with different styles of workbenches. You can read about

  • Beautiful blond woman sitting on a Viking camp chair with a camp fire in the background

    Making a Collapsible Viking Camp Chair

    By Joshua Farnsworth This past fall I was camping with my friends, Ervin & Willie Ellis ("The Ellis Bros Builders"...see them here) at their new beautiful property in Southwest Virginia.  Ervin let me sit in a surprisingly comfortable wooden camp chair, and he told me that it is called a Viking Camp Chair (I'm almost certain it isn't of Viking origin). We immediately took measurements, because I wanted to make one too. The chair

  • Joshua Farnsworth woodworker using a block plane while building a shaker bench from woodworking plans

    Make a Shaker Bench from 3 Stair Treads!

    By Joshua Farnsworth In this video I give a detailed tutorial on how to build a Shaker bench. I chose this design because I absolutely love the look of the lapped dovetail braces, and I felt that the lap dovetail joints and the through-mortise & tenon joints would give beginner woodworkers a challenge without overwhelming them. And the project is really fun for experienced woodworkers as well. The most exciting thing about this bench

  • Wood carver William Brown carving a Bellamy Eagle

    Stunning Workshop of Wood Carver & 18th Century Furniture Maker William Brown

    By Joshua Farnsworth William Brown is a renowned high-end furniture maker and wood carver who builds 18th-Century style furniture in his basement workshop in rural Forest, Virginia. In the video above you'll see a tour of William's workshop, and below you'll see a gallery of William's stunning furniture that he has photographed over the years. But first, here is a mini bio about William: About Wm.

Workbenches in a traditional woodworking workshop

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Kaare Loftheim at the Colonial Williamsburg Hay Cabinet maker's shop with a jointer hand plane


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Joshua Farnsworth putting together a mitered dovetail joint


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Figured white oak end table with hand cut dovetails


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Sharpening a chair maker scorp on a grinder


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Handplaning wood with Stanley No. 5 Jack Plane


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Joshua Farnsworth choosing lumber from a stack of wood with painted end grain


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David Ray Pine in his woodworking workshop


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