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  • dovetail saws in a line with video player

    Which Affordable Dovetail Saw is Best? Lie-Nielsen vs. Veritas

    In the above video I discuss backsaws, and what to look for when you're buying a back saw. I focus on comparing two of the most popular mid-priced dovetail saws, the Veritas dovetail saw (by Lee Valley) and the Lie-Nielsen dovetail saw. What is a Back Saw? A back saw is a hand saw that has a stiff metal back (brass, steel, or plastic) that rigidly holds a thin saw plate for use in cutting accurate furniture

  • Wood And Shop traditional woodworking school with 10 workbenches and antique hand tools

    Photos of My Newly Finished Woodworking School

    The Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School is finished, so I wanted to share these photos so you can see inside! 10 workbenches fill the school, which includes six Moravian workbenches, two traditional Roubo workbenches, one French pine bench, and one Swedish made workbench. This lovely maple workbench top was cut last year by a guy down in North Carolina: I recently finished installing these wagon-style tail vises, made by my friend Will Myers. They glide sooo smoothly! I had

  • Will Myers wood turning a spindle for the hancock shaker candle stand

    Woodturning Basics with Will Myers Part 3: Refining the Spindle

    In this 3rd and final video Will Myers shows how to finish shaping a table spindle on the lathe. This tutorial comes from the class and DVD: "Building the Hancock Shaker Candle Stand with Will Myers". If you'd like to build this historical candle stand along side Will Myers, you can register here at WoodAndShop.com/School for the upcoming 3 day class at my school. It will be held Thursday - Saturday, May 10th-12th, 2018 in Earlysville,

  • Wood turning lathe roughing out spindle

    Woodturning Basics with Will Myers Part 1: Turning Tools, Lathe, & Roughing a Spindle

    In the above video Will Myers teaches the basics of woodturning for woodworkers. He starts by showing how to prepare and center the wood, then discusses woodturning tools & parts of the lathe. And finally he begins roughing out a spindle for a classic cherry shaker candle table. This tutorial comes from the class and DVD: "Building the Hancock Shaker Candle Stand with Will Myers". If you'd like to build this historical candle stand along

  • Wooden winding sticks on a woodworking workbench with hand planer in background in joshua farnsworth's workshop video player icon

    Making Winding Sticks for Flattening Workbench Tops

    WHAT ARE WINDING STICKS? Winding sticks are traditional tools used for aiding in flattening boards for furniture making. They help a woodworker know when there is "wind" or twisting in their board. With the introduction of power tools, the use of winding sticks has dwindled because the power jointer & thickness planer will remove the twist automatically. But a lot of people are becoming more interested in the old ways of working wood. I've squared

  • Ammonia fuming quartersawn white oak end tables and drawers in a plastic tent

    How to Darken Oak Furniture with Ammonia Fuming

    In this video I show a historical method for darkening white oak furniture with industrial strength Ammonia, inside a makeshift plastic fuming tent, and I do it on a pair of Shaker style quartersawn white oak end tables. My most recent video & article showed how these end tables fit together (here) and I previously shared a video & article on experimenting with lower-strength home center ammonia to fume an oak Moravian footstool (here).

  • Unfinished quartersawn white oak night stand with drawer being inserted

    Anatomy of an End Table and Drawer

    Tables with drawers are really enjoyable to build, but how everything fits together can be confusing for beginner woodworkers. So I'm going to show you how my quartersawn white oak nightstands fit together. I did some research and discovered a major lack of written specifics on the anatomy of tables, especially how the inside drawer-holding parts fit together. I flipped through new and old books, and checked a bunch of DVDs, and virtually all


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